About Us


Andrew Bezjian



Greg Marchese



Erik Worden


How We Got Here

Hey! Andrew, Erik, & Greg here. We’re 3 friends who were brought together by the mountains. Growing up skiing the Alps of Massachusetts (aka the Berkshires, aka 1,000 vertical feet of ice), we learned to appreciate the small stuff. Those years of skiing the “Ice Coast” instilled an insatiable desire within us to go out and find the most incredible terrain we could: steep bowls, loose trees, and most importantly deep pow. As that quest began to take us beyond the North East and then beyond the US, our escape and focus became skiing/riding across the globe as much as possible.  When we started Powder Convoy in 2017, we did it because we believe in friends on a powder day. We know the complete joy of ripping an amazing line or the rush of over-the-head blower pow. We know that delicious, authentic food is the best way to fuel a big day on the mountain, and that classic, local apres is the best way to end one. Most importantly though, we know that skiing is a group activity. Our goal is to surround you with a group of skiers and riders who gets why those things matter and most importantly, keep up. Sharing those moments with friends, old and new, is what makes the trip, and that’s what makes Powder Convoy.

Our experiences are decades in the making and are only made possible by our deep network of partners and friends both on and off-mountain. Our approach is simple and here’s what you can expect on every trip we offer:

Authenticity: The biggest Apres doesn’t mean the best Apres. We strive to create an environment that’s as authentic as it is fun, we prioritize dinners at locally renowned restaurants and trips to the hot springs whenever possible.

Small Groups: No matter who you are, it’s going to be hard to get a table for 40 at the best soba noodle house in Hokkaido.  We keep it small so you get the full experience. You wouldn’t plan a trip with long waits or buffet dinners at restaurants and neither will we.

All-Inclusive / Casual Luxury: Once you arrive at the destination airport (Tokyo, Calgary), the rest is taken care of. You’ll stay at luxury hotels in big cities (e.g. Tokyo, Sapporo). When we head into the mountains, you can expect an upscale, yet relaxed environment. In BC, you’ll wake up at the base of the mountain in your RV. Transportation/Logistics, Skiing/Riding, events, special interest trips, breakfast & dinner, are all standard. 

Balance: Don’t fret, skiing/riding is why we’re here.  It will always be our primary focus. But who would go to Japan and not eat sushi in Tokyo?  Not us. We know you have interests outside of skiing, our goal is to give you access to them and maybe introduce you to some new passions along the way.”